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"A child educated only at school is an uneducated child."

 - African Proverb


There are many industries that could benefit from student ideas and have tremendous means to nurture their innovations and projects.

STEM-Ed Partners has an extensive network of organizations, corporations, businesses, labs, and institutions upon which to draw support and resources for STEM programming, mentorship, field visits, and technical guidance.




When students and the community partner to find solutions to global issues, both benefit - students bring inspiration and fresh ideas, and the community invests its network of resources and knowledge for real world applications.




We have a network of engaged STEM professionals to provide insight on emerging trends and industry standards, as well as assist us with accountability, guidance, and transparency.




Many industries offer financial support which we leverage for student participation in workshops, field visits, and other learning activities; creating opportunities that are accessible to all.

We unite students with the professional STEM community.

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